Software Development Success

aeiSome software development companies program with the theory that it is ok for end-users to get garbage information out of software if they put “garbage” in user input fields. (GIGO Programming). This is a very bad theory. Should end-users guess input formats such as pre-required date, and time formats? If the end user is confused by data field inputs – (1/1/16 or January, 1, 2016) then the software is a failure. Making it easy for end-users doesn’t happen by accident and it can be painfully expensive to tweak systems once $125 per hour programmers are working their magic! At AEI Marketing, we do extensive analysis of proposed software development projects; We document every intricacy of your system in advance. It is our job! As for GIGO Programming, these developers use the word “garbage” twice in their calling-card. We think that says all you need to know about their planning processes.