Your Google Searches May Help Decide Your Facebook Ads

hilton head media designOk, so being tracked on the internet is really kind of creepy, but I think we all know it happens. How many times have you searched for a product and then later noticed very specific ads appearing that are directly related. If you are familiar with Google Pay Per Click advertising, then you know this is easily done. I guess it is not surprising to see Facebook copy the masters … “The ads you see on Facebook may soon look a lot like the ads you see on Google. Marketers are now able to take keywords from your search query on Google (or Yahoo or Bing) and use that information to offer you more targeted ads in your Facebook feed. That’s thanks to ad technology created by Facebook ad partner Kenshoo Social. Kenshoo’s technology is still in beta, but won’t be for long. The company says that many of its clients should have access to the service in the coming weeks.
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If you click on an ad that results from a search query, marketers can use Kenshoo to pick out keywords from your searches to better target you on the social network. For example, if you search for “red running shoes” on Bing and click on a Nike ad that surfaces, Nike will recognize the keyword that surfaced that ad (probably “shoes”) and then send you shoe-related ads on Facebook, too.” From Mashable – Read More