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Video Production

Let us create custom introduction videos for your business. YouTube and Google unite to create perfect searchable material. Videos have the power to expand your market. Save 20% on your custom video and for $999 speak to your clients – literally! Offer valid through May 31stClick here for sample videos Meet The Man Behind The Scenes “Executive Vice President of all Things Electrical and Dangerous”. I’m Chris, and I have over 30 years of audio-visual production experience. My education is in Audio Engineering, Productionand Electrical Engineering Technology. The blending of art and technology is at the heart of what I bring to you. I’ve enjoyed many years producing Live Concert Sound, Studio Recording, Live Mobile Television, TV Post Production/Editing and more. I’m delighted to be able bring my extensive knowledge and skills to the AEI Marketing Read more

Custom Real Estate Software

CaptureWe proudly offer a complete digital suite for realtors! We can provide IDX services for your website and mobile apps that work! Our MLS software provides custom searches, on-the-fly mapping, and real estate listings in real time; users can create accounts and receive updates on new listings Click here to demo our software on Hilton Head Real Estate (.com) Read more

AEI Marketing Donates Mobile App to Beaufort Water Festival

Press Release Issued: 4/21/14

 AEI Marketing Donates Mobile App to Beaufort Water Festival

 AEI Marketing noticed a need for the Beaufort Water Festival and offered to donate their services and create a mobile app for Iphone and Android. AEI Marketing is excited to announce the release of the mobile app. The Beaufort Water Festival app displays newsfeeds, calendars of festival events and shows. Users can even purchase event tickets and merchandise. For over three years AEI Marketing has been the Webmaster, ecommerce provider, and technical advisor for the Beaufort Water Festival. The Beaufort Water Festival app is now available for download in the Google Play Store and iTunes. Visit the website at or download the app to your mobile device or tablet from the Google Play Store or iTunes. “We are honored to lend support to the great efforts of the Beaufort Water Festival volunteers. They host a great event every year and the mobile app will help make some of the small jobs easier. For festival guests, the app adds conveniences and engagement opportunities via the application functions and social media.” -Urell Media Contact: Renee Loftus Read more

Copywriter Style Changes

From Romanesko:  


“State names, which are currently abbreviated in Associated Press stories, will be spelled out starting May 1. Datelines will still be abbreviated. The advisory:
Editors, Effective May 1, the AP will spell out state names in the body of stories. Datelines will continue to use abbreviations. states Currently, most state names are abbreviated in stories. The change is being made to be consistent in our style for domestic and international stories. International stories have long spelled out state names in the body of stories. State abbreviations will continue to be used in lists, agate, tabular material, nonpublishable editor’s notes and credit lines. They will also be used in short-form identification of political party affiliation. Photo captions will continue to use abbreviations, too. This change will improve consistency and efficiency for domestic and international stories, eliminating the need to spell out all state names in international copy, and to abbreviate them in domestic copy./CONTINUED Here is the new entry in the Stylebook Online. SPELL OUT: The names of the 50 U.S. states should be spelled out when used in the body of a story, whether standing alone or in conjunction with a city, town, village or military base. No state name is necessary if it is the same as the dateline. This also applies to newspapers cited in a story. For example, a story datelined Providence, R.I., would reference the Providence Journal, not the Providence (R.I.) Journal. See datelines. EIGHT NOT ABBREVIATED: The names of eight states are never abbreviated in datelines or text: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah. Memory Aid: Spell out the names of the two states that are not part of the contiguous United States and of the continental states that are five letters or fewer. IN THE BODY OF STORIES: Except for cities that stand alone in datelines, use thestate name in textual material when the city or town is not in the same state as the dateline, or where necessary to avoid confusion: Springfield, Massachusetts, or Springfield, Illinois. Provide a state identification for the city if the story has no dateline, or if the city is not in the same state as the dateline. However, cities that stand alone in datelines may be used alone in stories that have no dateline if no confusion would result. ABBREVIATIONS REQUIRED: Use the state abbreviations listed at the end of this section: —In conjunction with the name of a city, town, village or military base in most datelines. See datelines for examples and exceptions for large cities. —In lists, agate, tabular material, nonpublishable editor’s notes and credit lines. —In short-form listings of party affiliation: D-Ala., R-Mont. See party affiliation entry for details. Following are the state abbreviations, which also appear in the entries for each state (postal code abbreviations in parentheses): Ala. (AL) Md. (MD) N.D. (ND) Ariz. (AZ) Mass. (MA) Okla. (OK) Ark. (AR) Mich. (MI) Ore. (OR) Calif. (CA) Minn. (MN) Pa. (PA) Colo. (CO) Miss. (MS) R.I. (RI) Conn. (CT) Mo. (MO) S.C. (SC) Del. (DE) Mont. (MT) S.D. (SD) Fla. (FL) Neb. (NE) Tenn. (TN) Ga. (GA) Nev. (NV) Vt. (VT) Ill. (IL) N.H. (NH) Va. (VA) Ind. (IN) N.J. (NJ) Wash. (WA) Kan. (KS) N.M. (NM) W.Va. (WV) Ky. (KY) N.Y. (NY) Wis. (WI) La. (LA) N.C. (NC) Wyo. (WY) These are the postal code abbreviations for the eight states that are not abbreviated in datelines or text: AK (Alaska), HI (Hawaii), ID (Idaho), IA (Iowa), ME (Maine), OH (Ohio), TX (Texas), UT (Utah). Also: District of Columbia (DC). Use the two-letter Postal Service abbreviations only with full addresses, including ZIP code. PUNCTUATION: Place one comma between the city and the state name, and another comma after the state name, unless ending a sentence or indicating a dateline: He was traveling from Nashville, Tennessee, to Austin, Texas, en route to his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She said Cook County, Illinois, was Mayor Daley’s stronghold. HEADLINES: Avoid using state abbreviations in headlines whenever possible. MISCELLANEOUS: Use New York state when necessary to distinguish the state from New York City. Use state of Washington or Washington state when necessary to distinguish the state from the District of Columbia. (Washington State is the name of a university in the state of Washington.)” The AP Original Article
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Hilton Head Software Developers

At AEI Marketing we take pride in our website coding. Easy to use, Elegant, Functional – these are our watch words. We offer great value, excellent service and the results our clients expect! 


Our software development team helps you save money. We start by automating tedious processes to boost your productivity. But we don’t stop there. Today’s internet offers new opportunities to separate yourself from the herd by engaging visitors. We specialize in interactive designs and custom marketing solutions:
  • Software design
  • Software integration
  • Web-based applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Ecommerce
  • Product display
  • Custom database design
Hilton Head Software Design! Read more

Total Internet Usage on Mobile Devices Hit All Time High! So Why Doesn’t Everyone Have A Mobile Website?

Mobile Website Design and Development
Responsive websites are the best answer to the multiple device world we live in.
Nashville, TN (PRWEB) April 24, 2014 65% percent of total internet usage is happening on a mobile device according to Global Web Index (February 2014) With so many people accessing the internet on their mobile device, why doesn’t everyone have a mobile website? “It is bad enough that there are so many terrible websites on the internet, but to not have a mobile site is almost suicide,” says Anthony Zecco, President of Warehouse Multimedia Inc. He continues, “Websites need to have a mobile presence that makes the user experience easy and inviting.” Read More:
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The Hilton Head App

Are you a business owner or manager in the Hilton Head area? AEI Marketing is producing a mobile app containing business listings and locations and you are invited to add your business absolutely free for 2014. The application is scheduled to launch in early March and we are readying the app for market. The app will be available for downloads on itunes and in the Google Play store for visitors, residents and fans of Hilton Head Island. How it works: once installed on the users phone the app will geo-locate the user and show custom results in nearby areas. The user can, for example, request all the nearby places that serve beverages. The results will appear on the screen and the user can “touch” one of the results to see the business name. If they “touch” the name they will be taken to the complete information of the business including a description, hours, special offerings, a clickable phone link and clickable website link. Our Partners: All businesses on the App will also receive a free listing on the website’s partner page (containing descriptions, phone numbers and website links) Promotions:  The staff at the Hilton Head app has provided an easy way for you to submit your information online. We will also provide a window sticker to be placed in partner business locations. As a marketing company, we promote businesses online everyday and we will be administering a complete Search Engine Optimization program to help people find the app, our website and your business. Where: Business owners – submit your business for free 2014 inclusion! Questions: Call Jeff at (843) 227-0619 thehiltonheadapp_logo_SQ (2) Read more

Hilton Head IDX Services for Hilton Head MLS Real Estate Searches – Websites, Mobile Applications and more!

Call (843) 227-0619 for details!

AEI Marketing now offers a complete digital suite for Realtors! We can provide IDX serices for your website and mobile apps that works on android, android tablet, Ipad and Iphone – Our software provides custom searches on-the-fly and maps real estate listings in real time; users can create accounts and receive updates on new listings which fit their desired criteria. The app even provides a way to send messages and market reports to your buyers.  


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Dataw Island Club News – News and Events, Membership Programs and more from Dataw Island Dataw Real Estate – MLS access and other information about Dataw Island Real Estate Dataw Club Membership – Dataw Club Membership information and offerings Dataw Golf Information Golf information from Dataw Island Dataw island Ammenities – All about the great Dataw Island ammenities Dataw Island Lifestyle – An Island of Friends – the Dataw Island Lifestyle Dataw Island History – The Hisory of Dataw Island, South Carolina Contact Dataw Island Read more

See some AEI Marketing ad samples on Pinterest

See some AEI Marketing ad samples on Pinterest Read more