Adaptive vs Responsive Website Design

png2Adaptive vs Responsive: what is adaptive and responsive website design? Some interesting information for Hilton Head area business thinking of redesigning their website.  At AEI Marketing we deliver responsive websites to our clients – Website design that work for Hilton Head Island area businesses!   From PC Magazine – “Adaptive and responsive are two of the four main ways you can arrange elements on a web page (text, images, video, etc) to work across when viewed on everything from a smartphone to a desktop computer. The other two are fixed and fluid. A fixed site makes no attempt to modify itself to the device you’re viewing it on. The size of every element is fixed, though there’s usually flexibility to allow certain elements to get pushed around to accommodate the length of text and depth of images.  The down sides to a fixed site are obvious. With no flexibility, they can be hard to read and use on both high- and low-resolution monitors, as well as on big and small screens – especially on tablets and phones. Until recently, this is the way all sites were designed, but improvements to browsers and the emergence of ways to make sites more flexible using CSS code, JavaScript or jQuery behaviors mean that things have got a lot easier and better..   Find out more about responsive design options – call (843) 227-0619!