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mobileWe’re excited to announce the release of the Beaufort Waterfest mobile app. The app displays news feeds, calendars of festival events and shows. Users can purchase event tickets, shop for merchandise and more.For festival guests, the app adds conveniences and engagement opportunities via the app and social media. We’ve been the Webmaster, ecommerce provider, and technical advisor for the Beaufort Water Festival for over three years.Visit the website or download the app to your mobile device or tablet from the Google Play Store or iTunes. 
justinSales by the Sea, the Newest Member of the AEI Team Hi everyone, I’m Justin and I’m thrilled to join the AEI team! I graduated from USCB with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a double concentration in Management and Marketing. I may be a recent graduate but I’ve had my hand in sales since my first lemonade stand. I’ve lived in Hilton Head for nearly ten years and I’m excited to bring my experiences to AEI as the new sales guy. When I’m not talking to people about the super cool things our strategy team and code monkeys can do I dabble in numismatics and enjoy the many beaches on the island.
porterhouseIt’s All in the Family For those who may not know, AEI happens to be affiliated with the Porterhouse Grill. Jeff’s brother, Andy Urell, is the head chef at this fine establishment and we’ve taken over the website and monthly newsletter. Check out their new website. Your taste buds may just drive you wild enough to head down to Athens, Ga. So stop by for a little taste test!
CaptureRecorded in live motion picture your business! We made a promotional video about how we make promotional videos.Not only can people hear you, they can read whatever it is you’re writing and most importantly, people SEE your body language.Play Video
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AEI Marketing Offers Referral Program

png2Here’s how it works… Refer someone to AEI and have them mention your name to us. Once we receive payment from your referral, we will contact you and ask for your choice of one of the following: 1. Free Hosting for 1 year 2. A credit for 3 free hours of work 3. 5% of the contract agreement in CASH It’s that easy! At AEI Marketing, we firmly believe there’s no better advertisement than a satisfied customer. To thank you, we want to extend a reward to you, our loyal customer, when you refer friends or clients to us. We’re Looking for Good Customers, Just Like You! Referral Program: Earn More of the Service You Love, for Free! Call Jeff at (843) 227-0619 to refer friends and clients today! We offer new ideas built on solid foundations! Services we offer • Mobile Applications • Websites • Copywriting • Graphic Design • Social Media • Search Engine Services • Custom Software • Public Relations • Print Media • Brand Development • Email Newsletters • Video Production • Political Campaigns • Consulting • And More! For more information or to refer a friend, call us at (843) 227-0619 or visit us on the web at *Terms and conditions apply, call for details on our latest offer. Read more

Why Video?

Here is a video we made about why video needs to be part of your marketing mix … Custom videos for Hilton Head area businesses; get found on the internet, tell the world everything your business has to offer! Read more

The New Google Doesn’t Like Old SEO

“It’s A New Google – We Need To Accept It, Rebuild” Maybe they should have named these things Godzilla instead of Panda or Penguin. The battles that ensued since the birds and the bears were nasty. Some search results were leveled. I’m not being dramatic for the sake of a metaphor – I’m pretty sure we can all agree the results have never been the same. Some SEOs were/are slow to give up the fight. Some agencies still sell SEO that doesn’t work. Others, however, have realized the new rules – while different – still offer great opportunity. Google declares their war on spammers a victory, noting black hat forums have slowed down. They’ve admitted to throwing some FUD into the mix like Kim Kardashian’s publicist might do, but for the greater good of their mission – to fix the results and uphold their “reputation.” All the hatemail and tweets to Matt Cutts isn’t going to change this. I’m pretty sure he’s holding steadfast. While Google won’t nod to the fact that some good got swept up in the bad, they obviously know it. But honestly, I think it works for me. I think the changes, and casualties, were necessary. Were they supposed to wait until they were perfect? Plus I was getting tired of the lack of imagination… not that some of the dark arts weren’t brilliantly designed and executed. But in some sectors, SEO is very slow to change. What I mean is, I was missing the marketing. In 2007 I was in a full-service agency’s marketing department doing SEO. Yet, SEO didn’t feel like marketing then. It was still firmly planted in web development. But in my situation, marketing and web development were siloed. Our departments weren’t friends (some internal politics at play). As asinine as that sounds now, I learned it wasn’t uncommon in big agencies back then. So, to make our SEO offering work, I had to tie “marketing” and “technical” together. As evolution would have it, there’s no doubt that SEO is a marketing channel now… so I kind of lucked out by getting an early jump on it. The more I tied the two together, the more long-lasting the results were. Even today. It’s the only real Panda/Penguin proof strategy I’ve seen.”!TB97A   Read more

Adaptive vs Responsive Website Design

png2Adaptive vs Responsive: what is adaptive and responsive website design? Some interesting information for Hilton Head area business thinking of redesigning their website.  At AEI Marketing we deliver responsive websites to our clients – Website design that work for Hilton Head Island area businesses!   From PC Magazine – “Adaptive and responsive are two of the four main ways you can arrange elements on a web page (text, images, video, etc) to work across when viewed on everything from a smartphone to a desktop computer. The other two are fixed and fluid. A fixed site makes no attempt to modify itself to the device you’re viewing it on. The size of every element is fixed, though there’s usually flexibility to allow certain elements to get pushed around to accommodate the length of text and depth of images.  The down sides to a fixed site are obvious. With no flexibility, they can be hard to read and use on both high- and low-resolution monitors, as well as on big and small screens – especially on tablets and phones. Until recently, this is the way all sites were designed, but improvements to browsers and the emergence of ways to make sites more flexible using CSS code, JavaScript or jQuery behaviors mean that things have got a lot easier and better..   Find out more about responsive design options – call (843) 227-0619! Read more

The Hilton Head App

ImageProxyServletAEI Marketing is launching “The Hilton Head App” this week. The app contains information about Hilton Head Island businesses and geolocates users to let them know what businesses are nearby. The Hilton Head App will be available through  iTunes and Google Play stores and it’s free to download! Want your business included in the app? It’s free for 2014! Click here for a demo. Read more

Video Production

Let us create custom introduction videos for your business. YouTube and Google unite to create perfect searchable material. Videos have the power to expand your market. Save 20% on your custom video and for $999 speak to your clients – literally! Offer valid through May 31stClick here for sample videos Meet The Man Behind The Scenes “Executive Vice President of all Things Electrical and Dangerous”. I’m Chris, and I have over 30 years of audio-visual production experience. My education is in Audio Engineering, Productionand Electrical Engineering Technology. The blending of art and technology is at the heart of what I bring to you. I’ve enjoyed many years producing Live Concert Sound, Studio Recording, Live Mobile Television, TV Post Production/Editing and more. I’m delighted to be able bring my extensive knowledge and skills to the AEI Marketing Read more

Custom Real Estate Software

CaptureWe proudly offer a complete digital suite for realtors! We can provide IDX services for your website and mobile apps that work! Our MLS software provides custom searches, on-the-fly mapping, and real estate listings in real time; users can create accounts and receive updates on new listings Click here to demo our software on Hilton Head Real Estate (.com) Read more

AEI Marketing Donates Mobile App to Beaufort Water Festival

Press Release Issued: 4/21/14

 AEI Marketing Donates Mobile App to Beaufort Water Festival

 AEI Marketing noticed a need for the Beaufort Water Festival and offered to donate their services and create a mobile app for Iphone and Android. AEI Marketing is excited to announce the release of the mobile app. The Beaufort Water Festival app displays newsfeeds, calendars of festival events and shows. Users can even purchase event tickets and merchandise. For over three years AEI Marketing has been the Webmaster, ecommerce provider, and technical advisor for the Beaufort Water Festival. The Beaufort Water Festival app is now available for download in the Google Play Store and iTunes. Visit the website at or download the app to your mobile device or tablet from the Google Play Store or iTunes. “We are honored to lend support to the great efforts of the Beaufort Water Festival volunteers. They host a great event every year and the mobile app will help make some of the small jobs easier. For festival guests, the app adds conveniences and engagement opportunities via the application functions and social media.” -Urell Media Contact: Renee Loftus Read more

Copywriter Style Changes

From Romanesko:  


“State names, which are currently abbreviated in Associated Press stories, will be spelled out starting May 1. Datelines will still be abbreviated. The advisory:
Editors, Effective May 1, the AP will spell out state names in the body of stories. Datelines will continue to use abbreviations. states Currently, most state names are abbreviated in stories. The change is being made to be consistent in our style for domestic and international stories. International stories have long spelled out state names in the body of stories. State abbreviations will continue to be used in lists, agate, tabular material, nonpublishable editor’s notes and credit lines. They will also be used in short-form identification of political party affiliation. Photo captions will continue to use abbreviations, too. This change will improve consistency and efficiency for domestic and international stories, eliminating the need to spell out all state names in international copy, and to abbreviate them in domestic copy./CONTINUED Here is the new entry in the Stylebook Online. SPELL OUT: The names of the 50 U.S. states should be spelled out when used in the body of a story, whether standing alone or in conjunction with a city, town, village or military base. No state name is necessary if it is the same as the dateline. This also applies to newspapers cited in a story. For example, a story datelined Providence, R.I., would reference the Providence Journal, not the Providence (R.I.) Journal. See datelines. EIGHT NOT ABBREVIATED: The names of eight states are never abbreviated in datelines or text: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah. Memory Aid: Spell out the names of the two states that are not part of the contiguous United States and of the continental states that are five letters or fewer. IN THE BODY OF STORIES: Except for cities that stand alone in datelines, use thestate name in textual material when the city or town is not in the same state as the dateline, or where necessary to avoid confusion: Springfield, Massachusetts, or Springfield, Illinois. Provide a state identification for the city if the story has no dateline, or if the city is not in the same state as the dateline. However, cities that stand alone in datelines may be used alone in stories that have no dateline if no confusion would result. ABBREVIATIONS REQUIRED: Use the state abbreviations listed at the end of this section: —In conjunction with the name of a city, town, village or military base in most datelines. See datelines for examples and exceptions for large cities. —In lists, agate, tabular material, nonpublishable editor’s notes and credit lines. —In short-form listings of party affiliation: D-Ala., R-Mont. See party affiliation entry for details. Following are the state abbreviations, which also appear in the entries for each state (postal code abbreviations in parentheses): Ala. (AL) Md. (MD) N.D. (ND) Ariz. (AZ) Mass. (MA) Okla. (OK) Ark. (AR) Mich. (MI) Ore. (OR) Calif. (CA) Minn. (MN) Pa. (PA) Colo. (CO) Miss. (MS) R.I. (RI) Conn. (CT) Mo. (MO) S.C. (SC) Del. (DE) Mont. (MT) S.D. (SD) Fla. (FL) Neb. (NE) Tenn. (TN) Ga. (GA) Nev. (NV) Vt. (VT) Ill. (IL) N.H. (NH) Va. (VA) Ind. (IN) N.J. (NJ) Wash. (WA) Kan. (KS) N.M. (NM) W.Va. (WV) Ky. (KY) N.Y. (NY) Wis. (WI) La. (LA) N.C. (NC) Wyo. (WY) These are the postal code abbreviations for the eight states that are not abbreviated in datelines or text: AK (Alaska), HI (Hawaii), ID (Idaho), IA (Iowa), ME (Maine), OH (Ohio), TX (Texas), UT (Utah). Also: District of Columbia (DC). Use the two-letter Postal Service abbreviations only with full addresses, including ZIP code. PUNCTUATION: Place one comma between the city and the state name, and another comma after the state name, unless ending a sentence or indicating a dateline: He was traveling from Nashville, Tennessee, to Austin, Texas, en route to his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She said Cook County, Illinois, was Mayor Daley’s stronghold. HEADLINES: Avoid using state abbreviations in headlines whenever possible. MISCELLANEOUS: Use New York state when necessary to distinguish the state from New York City. Use state of Washington or Washington state when necessary to distinguish the state from the District of Columbia. (Washington State is the name of a university in the state of Washington.)” The AP Original Article
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